"Dream" College vs. Big Scholarship

Question: I’ve gotten myself into quite the situation, basically this will boil down to: is the wisest option the cheapest option or the one best for my education?

I am offered an incredible scholarship to attend a school which does not have my major (Captive Wildlife Care and Edu.)- they’ve shown me how I could take classes from two different majors (Enviro. Studies & Biology) to try and end up where I want to but it misses what I feel are key classes. I can take the exact course I want at my dream college, but it will be more expensive. Also my dream college is almost 4x farther away from my loved ones than my cheap option. I have to decide fast because my scholarship is available for this fall only, but still lasts the 4 years. I’m so torn between what I could afford and the educational experience I want. One might not get me the education I need and the other could drown me in debt. HELP!  ~thanks a bunch~

It’s irresponsible to advise you without knowing a lot more about you and about the two colleges that you’re choosing between. But I can tell you a couple things that might help you make the choice yourself.

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