Double Major in Music Management and Journalism?

Question: What are schools that offer a major in both music management and journalism? I am a 10th grader who is really interested in both and I am curious if doing both is realistic?

You could definitely double-major in music management and journalism although fulfilling the requirements for both majors wouldn't leave you with a ton of space in your schedule to take unrelated classes that interest you … especially if your college also has a core curriculum (English, math, science, foreign language, etc.). that you must complete. (Many–but not all–do have such requirements, although some schools will accept AP or IB credits in lieu of the core courses or even waive the requirements entirely for select top students.)

Keep in mind, however, that there are ways to follow both passions without necessarily typing up so much of your time with two majors. For instance, you could major in one of the fields and minor in the other. This would provide you with in-depth coursework in both areas and with a résumé that proclaims that you have interest and experience in these different areas. But it would also leave you with more time to take courses outside of your major.

Alternatively, you could major in music management and, instead of majoring or evening minoring in journalism, you could write for a campus publication (or for Rolling Stone magazine 😉 ), taking only a couple related classes. Many employers in the journalism world are more interested in hiring candidates with lots of writing experience than they are in hiring those who have earned a journalism degree. The employers are looking for a portfolio of published work as well as evidence that the applicant is well versed in some content area such as politics, economics, science, or perhaps music!

But if you're determined to find a college where both a music management and a journalism program are offered, you can start with College Confidential's SuperMatch. Go to:

Use the menu on the left-hand side of the page to select your preferred size, location, etc. Under “Majors," use the pull-down menu to select “Music Management" and then “Journalism"(or any specific type of journalism, such as “Broadcast Journalism.") Below that, be sure to select, “Show me schools that offer … All of my selected majors." And under “How important is this to you?" choose “Must have."

When you read the “Results" list on the right, note that you can choose to see up to 250 colleges at once. Look for schools that are listed as a 100% match. And if the figure is lower that 100%, click on WHY to see what's missing. It could be something important like a major or perhaps a choice that's far less critical like the Campus Setting. And if you find that your Results roster is short, trying expanding or changing some of your preferences.

As a sophomore in high school, you may find that your goals will change many times before you choose a college (and even once you get there), but at least you know that, if you continue to be interested in music management and journalism as your future majors, there are certainly places where you can do both.