Double Major in Film and Advertising at B.U.?

Question: I'm a high school junior interested in attending Boston University. I am hoping to double major, but I was not sure if I could double major within the same college. For example, I would like to double major in Film and Advertising, but I was not sure if their program would allow this. Could you please clarify whether or not this is possible?

This is a question for B.U., not for this "Dean." Don't be shy about contacting the admission office and asking them. You can even call and request the name of the admission officer who oversees applicants from your high school and then write to him or her directly. (Email is fine.) This way, you'll have the added bonus of establishing a "relationship" with your local rep, in case other questions or concerns arise over the next couple years. And if you get to meet your rep in person (e.g., during a visit to your high school or at a college fair in the region) you can then introduce yourself and say thanks in person for responding to your question.

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