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Dorm Room Decor

May 1st is coming soon. That’s the traditional D-Day for most high school seniors who must choose among the acceptances they have received. Once they make that decision, a fairly quick summer is all that stands between them and their arrival on campus. Months will seem to pass like mere weeks.

Perhaps one of the biggest anticipations for incoming first-year college students is trying to imagine what it will be like living away from home for the first time. For most, it will also involve sharing a living space with someone else for the first time. Meeting your roommate(s) can be a challenge or the beginning of lifelong friendship(s).

Regardless of what transpires from this multi-person social arrangement, it will mostly happen inside a dorm room. That’s why you may want to put some thought into optimizing that little piece of campus that will become your living space. Thus, I thought it might be appropriate to mention a few creative ideas about how to go about doing that.

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