Dorm Room Checklist


One of the parallels to rising college costs is the increase in the time needed to get everything together to move to college. It's mid-July already. Where is the summer going? Campus move-in day looms large for many students, especially at state universities, which seem to open their gates earlier every year. This brings me to my annual review of what to take with you to your dorm. Getting your list together on time can be a challenge.

Those of you who are college juniors and seniors are crusty veterans of moving wars. In fact, some of you enjoying the right circumstances may have stashed a lot of your stuff nearby campus at a friend's house or in a storage facility, since you don't need those things at home. That's a strategic move that saves a lot of effort and even stress by having much less to move back into the dorm every year. For others, especially about-to-be first-year students, the question is always, “What do I need to survive college dorm life this year?"

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