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Is Your Dorm "Luxurious"?

When I went to college (Oh, no, not another wretched reminiscence !), we had one payphone located halfway between opposite ends of the dorm floor. The “common" room was a basement space with no windows that had a smallish TV bolted to the upper part of a wall. There were maybe a dozen or so cheap plastic chairs facing the TV and a lonely vending machine offered ancient candy bars for our social gatherings. Batman filled the room to near capacity every week.

Compare that to some of today's college dorms. Maybe dorm life today might give some insights into why some colleges' sticker prices are nudging $70,000 per year.

I like to keep tabs on the latest trends in dorm life, so I did a little research and found an impressive number of links to articles about “luxurious" campus residential facilities. I thought I would dazzle you with some of the details about them.

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