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Don't Let Spring Break Get Broken

This is the time of year that makes parents nervous. It's spring break season. I have to wonder how popular Mexico is these days for spring breakers. It seems as though every day there is some new news story about drug gangs shooting up police stations or ambushing cars at road blocks. Parents don't want to hear this kind of stuff. Unfortunately, the fearlessness of college students many times overrides just plain common sense. So what's a parent to do?

Well, first of all, you should have been discussing spring break plans with your collegian already. The last thing you need to hear is, "Hey, Mom, we're heading to Cancun Monday for four days." Really. Aside from the finances involved, there are other planning issues that come to the fore. Safety and sane behavior would rank first and second on my list of parental concerns if I still had kids in college. Those two factors go hand in hand. If one is acting INsane, then safety takes a seat in the back of the bus, way back. So, what is a good plan for a spring breaker?

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