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Don't Let College Move-In Day Bug You

Ah, my memories of moving our kids into their dorms on their first freshman day at college. I think the one thing that I remember most is sweat. Late summer here in the Northeast is notoriously hot and humid. And, as luck would have it, both our daughter and son's first-year dorm rooms were on upper floors. Our daughter was on the second floor and our son was on the third. Both rooms were UN-air conditioned. Yes, high schoolers who may be reading this, there were rooms in the past that did not have climate control! This was back in the early and middle '90s, so we should all be thankful for what those skyrocketing tuition fees have brought today's freshmen (or would the PC term be "freshpeople" ("freshpersons")?).

Anyway, sky-high college costs and technological advances may have brought today's college first-years (a safer term) dorm comfort, but our general environment has brought an UNcomfortable scourge: bedbugs. One area where concerns have recently been on the rise is the college campus, where the climate is ripe for the proliferation of these blood-sucking bugs.

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