Don’t Have A Summer Internship? Here Are 6 Alternatives to Consider


Maybe your summer internship search didn't go as planned. Maybe you had such an intense spring semester that you didn't have time to search for summer internships. Maybe you are one of many students with no clue what you want to do and are tired of people asking about the future. Whatever your reasons, if you are finding yourself with no internship this summer, I'm here to tell you that it's not the end of the world. Although internships have been shown to increase chances of gainful employment upon graduation, they don't automatically do that; some simply add one more entry on your resume.

College students embark on summer internships seeking to gain industry insights, valuable skills and meaningful connections, but internships are not the only way to achieve that. Any experience can make you an attractive candidate when it shows that you've practiced valuable skills to accomplish real outcomes. Alternatives to structured internships exist, and pursuing them can help clarify what energizes you and where you see applying your skills. Don't limit yourself to obvious options for your major. What's something you've always wanted to do but never tried either because you thought it impossible (on account of not enough time, money or resources) or because you worried about what others would think? Allow yourself to come up with multiple ideas to test out and you may be on a way to designing your own career path instead of trying to fit into what's available. Here are six alternatives to summer internships I recommend.

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