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Does Using College's Own Application (Instead of the Common App) Suggest Greater Interest?

Question: Does applying via the Common App have the same weight as a specific school application form? I know that they say it doesn't make a difference, but it seems to me that "Common App" says that you are applying to several (or many) schools, whereas the specific app might imply more interest in that school.

In days of yore (i.e., about a decade ago, maybe even a couple), "The Dean" used to insist that a student who really wanted to attend a particular college should use that school's own application instead of the Common App. But I've long since about-faced on that stance. (I better not ever try to run for political office. I've got a long history of other 180's, too ;)) Nonetheless, I do urge high seniors using the Common Application to "demonstrate interest" to their target schools in other ways. But I make that same suggestion to students not using the Common App as well. (More on this in a minute.)

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