Does Middle School Foreign Language Count Towards Requirement?

Question: If a student takes language level I in middle school and completes level III in 10th grade, does this fulfill a required "three years of language in high school?" Is it the level that matters or must this student continue through Level IV to fulfill a three-year language requirement? Many people wonder. Thanks.

Yes, a child who gets a year of credit in middle school has officially fulfilled a three-year language-study requirement. However, the more selective colleges tend to expect applicants to have done more ... ideally a minimum of four years of the same language (even if not formally "required" by either the high school or by the college) or at least three years while in high school, not counting the middle school year.

So, while technically the requirement may have been fulfilled by the end of 10th grade, it won't sit well with most of the pickier admission folks.