Does Early Emancipation Mean Scholarship Help?

Question: I was emancipated at the age of 15 and have been working and supporting myself since that time. I am 26 now and would like to enroll in college. Will I receive any government or school help because of my early emancipation or am I too old now to have them take that into consideration?

Because you are over age 24, you should qualify for federal and/or school-based assistance. Any student 24+ who meets certain income and academic guidelines (more on these in a minute) will also qualify. The fact that you were emancipated early is not relevant here. It would have been relevant, however, if you'd applied to college before you were 24. At that point, only your own income and assets would have been considered as part of the financial aid process, not your parents'. But the same is true for every student over 24, whether they were previously granted independent status or not.

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