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Does Blue-Collar Background Hurt Elite-College Admission Chances?

Question: My daughter is a straight-A student in honors and AP classes. She also dances professionally and has taken part in summer programs with major ballet companies. She is interested in applying to Stanford and we have been looking at the application. My husband is a house painter and I am a housewife. Why do the colleges want to know what a student's parents do for a living and their education level? Will the fact that we are not doctors or college professors hurt her?

Actually, the fact that you and your husband aren't doctors, college profs, and the like should work in your daughter's favor. Ever eager to diversify their student bodies, elite-college admission officials tend to have a soft spot for applicants from blue-collar backgrounds. Moreover, if neither you nor your husband earned a four-year college degree, that will be a plus, too, since high-achieving "first-generation" candidates are always in demand. (And, if you and/or your husband attended some college but never earned a bachelor's degree, make sure that's clear on the application.)

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