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Does 8th Grade Algebra Count at CSU's?

Question: Are 8th grade courses counted for the CSU's? For example I had 1 year of Algebra I in Middle School. When I went to High School, I was in Geometry. Will my 8th grade math be counted for CSU credit. Thanks in advance. :)

You need to check with your guidance counselor to confirm the policies in your school district, but, typically, algebra taken in 8th grade DOES count as a high school math course at the CSU's as well as at all other colleges.

My son is actually taking 8th grade algebra right now and, like you, he will start geometry in high school next fall. He has already been harassed by his mother with reminders that his current middle-school math class will show up on his college applications. The same is usually true of foreign languages that were started in 7th or 8th grade and continued in high school.

Hope that helps, and you're very welcome in advance. :-)

(posted 3/7/2011)