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Do You Cheat in School?

This bit of news applies to both high school students and college students. It appears that the pressure to succeed does odd things to ethical behavior. I chuckled to myself when I wrote that last sentence because I thought of the Wall Street mess that nearly collapsed America's economy, not to mention the Bernie Madoffs of the world. Speaking specifically of this country's students, though, it appears that the majority are willing to cheat to get ahead. At least that's what a new survey shows.

I raised this issue and the results of this survey on the College Confidential discussion forum. Check the interesting comments there. In the meantime, ask yourself about your own behavior, regardless if you're a high school or college student. Do you currently cheat? Have you ever cheated? What do you consider to be cheating behavior? Have you ever been caught cheating? If so, how has being caught changed (as in, hopefully, improved) your behavior? Do your friends cheat? How have you/they cheated?

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