Must I Take More Math After Completing My High School’s Offerings?

Sven Mieke/Unsplash

I have a question about taking additional math classes. I am on the advanced side in terms of my school's math track. I'm finishing tenth grade right now, but by this fall I will have finished all of the math classes my school offers. This is because I took so many high school-level math classes in middle school. My question is: Should I take the school's offer to be bused to a local college for math after this fall? I prefer not to, because I don't plan to major in math in college (I want to major in Russian Lit). But my counselor says I should take a math every year if I want to get into a good college. I have a 4.0 unweighted and already got a 36 ACT in ninth grade so I feel like I'm on track to go to a good college if I get this right.

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