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If My Financial Aid Appeal is Successful, Am I Obligated to Enroll?

Steven Pecoraro/Unsplash

I appealed a financial aid offer at Michigan (I'm out of state) because my father lost his job two weeks ago. In my appeal, I told them if the money was right, I would "definitely" attend Michigan. This is the best school I got into and I truly believed this when I wrote it. I got a phone call on Friday saying I've been accepted off the waitlist at Princeton. In previous years, Princeton has been known for not taking people from the waitlist so I never expected this to happen. Of course, within 10 minutes of that call, Michigan came through with the money I needed. Do I now need to enroll at Michigan since I told them I would definitely attend if the money was right, and they made the money right? Or can I accept the offer from Princeton? I don't yet have Princeton's financial offer but they are known for meeting full need so I'm asking now as I anticipate that they will come through with a good aid package.

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