Do Financial Aid Awards Come With Early Decision Notifications?


I applied Early Decision to NYU and I know it's binding unless I have financial reasons not to accept the offer. My parents are starting to get really stressed over the financial part. They want to know how soon after the acceptance letter we would get the financial aid offer. Does it come at the same time? If there's a wait, should I be sending out other applications during the waiting period in case the financial aid offer isn't enough?

New York University Early Decision applicants who applied for financial aid will receive a financial aid offer at the time of the admission verdict. (This is true at most colleges with ED, although sometimes the aid award is a day or two delayed.) So, if you do get good news from NYU, your parents should be able to determine if this school will be affordable before you have to submit additional applications ... and pay additional application fees. (See this recent “Ask the Dean" column about Regular Decision timetables for ED applicants).

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