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Do Colleges Look at PSAT Scores?

Question: Do colleges look at your PSAT scores, because that is what my mom keeps telling me?

Your mother may be right most of the time ... but probably not this time. :-)

College admission officials typically do NOT see PSAT scores. If your high school routinely enters these scores on transcripts, then the admission folks may possibly spot your scores there. However, they are not formally used as part of the admission process.

The main role of PSAT scores is to:

-Give you a sense of where your SAT's may ultimately land, with a bit of time to bolster weak areas, as needed

-Determine whether you will be in the running for the National Merit Scholarship competition, or for a couple other scholarships, too. (This does not play a huge role in elite-college admissions, as many students and parents think that it does).

But PSAT's will not determine your admissions fate. So you can tell your mom that colleges typically don't pay much--or ANY--attention to your PSAT results.