Do Admission Officials Look Down on Applicants Who Have Transferred Several Times?


I am wondering whether multiple transfers will hurt me. I went to community college for a while and transferred to a state school, but left there for financial reasons. Then I took some classes at a different state school for credit. So now I'm applying to a private college with transfer credits from three schools. Will the private college look down on this?

Having multiple colleges on your record certainly isn't an automatic deal-breaker, but admission officials (especially at private colleges) can be suspicious of “serial transfers." When they review your application, they may be tempted to wonder how long you will stick around this time. So you should make sure that your application explains why you've made so many moves. Your primary essay could be a good place to do this, but you can also submit an extra unsolicited letter or essay, if this information doesn't quite fit an essay prompt. (Most transfer essays ask you WHY you're transferring, so you can probably provide details of your entire college history here.)

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