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Earning a degree through distance learning

In his book, "Going Broke by Degree", subtitled "Why College Costs Too Much," author and Ohio University professor Richard Vedder talks about the fastest growing and most profitable colleges: suprisingly, they are not conventional universities: rather, they are distance learning schools that offer degrees online.

That such schools can offer cost-effective instruction and still turn a profit makes a lot of sense - distance learning schools don't have to make the huge investment in a campus, research facilities, residences, foreign campuses, and the many other cost centers in a traditional university.

At the same time, though, some question whether an online degree is worth as much as a degree earned through the classroom approach. In part, these doubts are fed by varying types of degree-granters, ranging from highly reputable schools to entities that grant diplomas to anyone who pays the price.

Today, even the most prestigious traditional colleges are entering the distance learning market, though not all are at the point of granting degrees solely for online learning.

In Online Degrees section at College Confidential, we'll look at some of the pros and cons of distance education and discuss how to choose a degree program.

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