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If you've been a reader of Admit This!, you've no doubt noticed my mentions of the College Confidential discussion forum. Without a doubt, the CC discussion forum is the #1 place on the Web to get answers to all your questions about all things college.


When you go to the College Confidential home page, you'll find a link up top that says "College Discussion" (if you squint hard enough, you may be able to pick that out in the image above; it's in the yellow box). Clicking on that will take you to the forum's home page.

I thought that I would give you a preview of the featured-thread discussions that you'll find there today. So, here we go:

Featured Discussions
Welcome New College Rep, UChicago, from the University of Chicago Started in University of Chicago by Roger_Dooley on Yesterday

Please join me in welcoming our newest College Rep, UChicago, from the University of Chicago!

Aiming for Ivy? Reality TV Wants YOU (Maybe) Started in College Admissions by Sally_Rubenstone on Yesterday

Are you a current high school junior living in the metro NYC area and aiming for the Ivy League? If so, you might want to take a shot at this reality TV casting call ...

Liberal Arts Colleges (LAC's) With Large International Populations Started in College Search & Selection by whisperofrain on 02-19-2010

I know Mount Holyoke has one, but what other LAC's are known for having a lot of international students?

Tufts admissions videos on You Tube Started in Tufts University by Kei-o-lei on 02-21-2010

Tufts University's recent policy encouraging applicants to submit videos about themselves means many are available on You Tube, where the Tufts community is weighing in on their faves.

What would you do if your "Ivy Caliber" kid fell in love with Tier 4 school??? Started in Parents Forum by OhioMom2 on 02-18-2010

What would you do if your Ivy/Tier 1 caliber-stats child fell in love with a Tier 4 school (Tier 4 as in 1 step above a community college)?

For Current College Students: How Did You Meet Your Main Group of College Friends? Started in College Life by turner92 on 11-24-2009

We meet new friends at college in a number of different ways. How did you meet your best college friends?

CC Poll: Your Perception of Colleges & Universities Started in College Search & Selection by Roger_Dooley on 02-18-2010

Weigh in with your own opinion on whether colleges are more concerned about offering a good education experience for students or their bottom line.

NY Times: Public Discontent With Colleges Rising Started in College Search & Selection by Roger_Dooley on 02-18-2010

Interesting study data shows rising tuitions are taking their toll on public perception of colleges and universities, and that most Americans believe that colleges today operate like businesses.

Here are a few more:

Colleges kids leave, and why? Started in Parents Forum by questbest on 02-13-2010

I thought it would be interesting to hear about the colleges that kids have left and why. Each college posts their retention rate but this tells little about why a student decides to leave...

So You Want to Be A Lawyer Started in Law School by Dave_Berry on 02-15-2010

"...thousands of lawyers now find themselves drowning in the unemployment line as the legal sector is being badly saturated with attorneys."

The $555,000 Student-Loan Burden Started in Financial Aid & Scholarships by Dave_Berry on 02-14-2010

"But as tuitions rise, many people are borrowing heavily to pay their bills. Some no doubt view it as "good debt," because an education can lead to a higher salary. But in practice, student loans are one of the most toxic debts . . ."

Deferred in the Early Round? Prescriptions from the Pros Started in College Admissions by Sally_Rubenstone on 02-09-2010

Today, in "The Choice," New York Times writer Jacques Steinberg asks two admission honchos (from Duke U. and Occidental College) to weigh in on Deferral Do's and Don'ts at their schools.

NEW! College Prep Scholarship - 2010 Started in Questbridge Programs by Trinity on 02-09-2010

QuestBridge Launches 2010 College Prep Scholarship

QuestBridge's College Prep Scholarship provides more than 1,000 awards that equip outstanding low-income high school juniors with the knowledge necessary to compete for admission to leading colleges.

The Lame Defense of Women's Colleges Started in Women's Colleges by Keilexandra on 09-12-2009

The right and wrong way to defend women's colleges.

High School Start Times ... Too Early? Any Changes? Started in Parents Forum by Sally_Rubenstone on 02-07-2010

Does anyone live in a school district where the start time was changed during a child's high school career? And if the new start time was significantly later, was there a noticeable positive effect on your child's grades, focus, health, etc.?

On College Campuses, a Shortage of Men (New York Times) Started in Parents Forum by woody on 02-07-2010

Women have represented about 57 percent of students in U.S. colleges, and that gives men the power in college romantic and sexual relationships.

I'm sooo glad I graduated 30 years ago...

Good Classroom Decorum: Where Do You Find it? Started in College Search & Selection by collegehelp on 02-03-2010

I've observed numerous bad habits in classrooms at several different universities, including a few very selective schools. Has classroom decorum been on the decline? Are there any schools where the behavior is better?

Welcome New College Rep, AdmRep26, from UT Dallas Started in The University of Texas at Dallas by Roger_Dooley on 02-04-2010

Please join me in welcoming our newest College Rep, AdmRep26, from the University of Texas at Dallas!

What is Your Favorite Women's College? Started in Women's Colleges by rocket6louise on 09-06-2009

Is there a women's college you most want to attend or appeals to you the most? What do you like about it?

MSNBC: Public colleges' tuition hikes in double digits Started in Parents Forum by Northstarmom on 02-02-2010

Due to the economy, some public colleges are raising tuition from 15-30%, and more increases are planned for future years.

"Race" in College Admission FAQ & Discussion 7 Started in College Admissions by tokenadult on 01-31-2010

New Reporting by colleges shows that many students who are "race unknown" are getting into great colleges. Links to official websites appear in this thread.

What are some common college interview questions? Started in College Admissions by ncm2012 on 01-30-2010

What are college interview questions that students should be prepared for, and how should the more awkward ones be answered?

Colleges Where Athletic Recruiting Doesn't Even Count Started in Athletic Recruits by KafkaDream on 01-10-2010

At which schools does athletics recruiting not help much with the admission process?

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