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From Disadvantaged Background to Elite University

Question: I come from a low-income Latino family and am currently a freshman in the honors program at the Ohio State University. I graduated from high school with a 3.92 (weighted) GPA and an SAT of 1220. Only about 5% of the graduating students from my high school go on to college. What are my odds of transferring to colleges like Northwestern, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, or any university of this caliber?

It sounds as if you have compiled an impressive recordâ€"perhaps even against the oddsâ€"and it’s likely that you will have a strong shot at transferring to one of the universities you named. If you are applying to enter as a transfer student in September, admission officials will look closely at your first-semester Ohio State grades as well as at your high school record. They will want to see how your high school strengths translate to a college environment. If your grades are good (B’s and above) you should likewise have a good shot at affirmative decisions.

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