Preparing for College

Degrees of Difference

I could have called this "Different Types of Degrees," but I opted for a quick alliteration. Regardless of how it's titled, the information here is designed to tell you about some alternatives to the traditional four-year college degree approach to your higher education plans. A traditional four-year degree isn't the only way to land a good job with a solid salary.

What inspired me to address this topic is a news release touting a new Kiplinger Personal Financial article regarding several options outside of the time-honored four-year degree that provide the education and training needed to land meaningful work. We're all (well, if you're a resident of Planet Earth) aware of the skyrocketing costs involved with college over the past decades. There appears to be no relief in sight, unless the the "bubble" bursts, similar to what happened to the so-called "dot-com" bubble back at the beginning of the last decade.

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