Deferrals: Decisions Delayed

This past mid-December week , I have been watching with interest the various college-decision threads on the College Confidential discussion forum. Some of the results posted by applicants have been painful to read, according to their own comments. The outright denials, coming from Early Action and Early Decision applications, are obviously the most upsetting. However, the decision that seems to cause the most agony is the deferral.

A deferral in December means that no final decision will be made until spring, perhaps as late as April of next year. The practical impact of a deferral involves not only a non-resolusion but also a mad scramble to submit any remaining applications before the traditional January 1 deadline. That rather ruins the holiday break for those who have put their college eggs into the ED/EA basket. It’s not a happy time.

One particularly disturbing statistic involves the number of deferrals handed out by ED/EA schools. For example, these stats came forth from Yale this week:

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