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How to Decipher College Confidential Acronyms

Question: Is there a thread on CC with an explanation of Acronyms? Or can one be started and people add as we go. Sometimes you are reading discussions and with the Acronyms which google does not pull up sometimes, we totally miss out on information.

HYPS? HBCU? SCEA? DD1? DS2? The admissions world ... and College Confidential in particular ... does indeed present an alphabet soup of acronyms and abbreviations that can be difficult to navigate without experience or assistance. But, actually, there are a lot of acronyms and abbreviations that Google does pull up. That's where “The Dean" herself (who was born when a "Web site" was where Wilbur met Charlotte ;-) ) goes to decipher College Confidential code and where you, too, can find lists that come straight from CC and date back over a decade.

Here, for instance, is one helpful thread which was started in 2005 and has rocked on for 24 pages, right up until this past July.

Lee Bierer, an independent college counselor and nationally syndicated columnist based in North Carolina, offers these common admissions-specific acronyms in her blog:

But the best advice that “The Dean" can provide is that, if you spot an unfamiliar acronym or abbreviation in a post, simply ask your fellow CC members to clue you in with a polite “PXT" (Please Explain That) ... but not with a “WTF?" :evil: