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Talkin' Smack-a-demic
We know you’re prepping to ring in the new year, but being a conscientious student you’re also planning to put down your party hat and pick up your FAFSA January 1, right? Once you’ve got that chore out of the way, park it on the couch for some college-themed flicks or peek in on some of the family drama discussions we’ve highlighted here. When you’re ready to buckle down again we’ve got tips for your admission interviews, test-taking strategies, and more.
This is Happening: Your College To-Do List

10 FAFSA Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
CC Chat: Family Drama Makes the FAFSA More Complicated
CC Chat: Perfect Scores Don’t Make You a Perfect Fit
Six (Totally Legit) Ways to Get Things Done over Holiday Break
Grab Your Snuggie and Watch a College Movie this Winter
CC Chat: Are These “Most Influential” Schools on Your List?
Potent Punchables
Confession: I’ve Never Had a Boyfriend, or Even Been on a Date
Are College Presidents Overpaid?
Late Night Showers Spark Roommate Feud

Int'l Students: Get the Jump on 2013 Virtual Fairs
Asia Feb 23
Middle East & Africa Mar 23
Latin America Apr 27
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No Slacking: Important Testing Dates & Deadlines

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