Campus Life

Dealing with Freshman Homesickness


It's the middle of October. First-year college students have been on campus for about six-to-eight weeks, depending on the college. This is about the time that the novelty of all the new lifestyle aspects that college offers start to wear thin for some students. All the sights, friends, academic challenges and -- yes, partying -- can begin to lose luster. This is when thoughts of home, sweet home, can creep in if you're a freshman.

I'm talking about homesickness. It's a definite factor for some students and can have a broad range of effects on academics, attitudes and college commitment. Parents, is this your son or daughter's first year of college? If so, what kinds of reactions have you gotten from them about their new lives, especially their classes? Those first few days (or even weeks) can be a real culture shock for many college freshmen.

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