Dealing with Multiple Acceptances

It's that time of year for high school seniors. Colleges will soon be issuing their acceptance (or denial or waitlist) decisions over the coming weeks. Some of you may have already received a likely letter. Most of you, however, are just waiting … waiting for that “fat" envelope or email (can an email message be fat?).

Let's play optimist. Let's say that you have applied to at least a half-dozen schools. If you're a savvy applicant, you have spread the hoped-for wealth of your possibilities across the “Reach-Ballpark (sometimes referred to as Target)-Safety" spectrum. Of course, I realize that many seniors these days are hardly satisfied with, or feel secure about applying to only six colleges.

I've seen or heard about seniors who have applied to 10, 15, even 20 (!) colleges, a feat that has been enabled by the Common Application. While I may be able to see ten applications out there working for you, quite frankly, 15 or 20 applications is just plain excessive, in my professional opinion.

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