How Do I Deal With An "F" in A Senior Class?


Hello, I am a senior in high school who just graduated and is attending Northeastern University in the fall. I ended second semester with all A's and B's but one "F" with five AP classes and two dual enrollment classes. The "F" was in AP Chemistry. Should I be worried and should I let Northeastern know? How should I approach this? I also have a guaranteed transfer to Cornell. Should I tell Cornell, or will my senior grades not matter by then?

It looks like you bit off a very ambitious courseload, and it was more than you could chew. And that's the message you must send to Northeastern ... and you should send it right away. College admission officials are not very tolerant of D's and F's on senior report cards, but they do usually judge these bad grades on a case-by-case basis. So you need to contact Northeastern immediately to plead for mercy (well, not in so many words).

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