Paying for College

Credit Where Credit Is Due

When I was in college (yes, way back when, just after the Big Bang), I would hurry to the student union building every morning to check for mail from home. Every now and then there would be a nice greeting card or letter from my Mom or Dad that had some nice green U.S. currency tucked inside. Back in those days, a five-dollar bill (or even a ten!) would make my week (didn't take much to make my week, huh?). As Mel Gibson shouted at the end of Braveheart, (temporary financial) freeeeeeeeee-DOM!

Today, things are a little different. First, parents don't send cash through the U.S. mail, since it may not reach its destination without being picked off by a disgruntled postal worker (no offense to happy postal workers, or even non-felony-minded, disgruntled ones). Second, almost all college students have their own credit card . . . which leads me to the alliterative topic of today's post: credit card cautions for college kids.

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