Could A Nontraditional Career Path Suit You? Check These FAQs With A Freelancer

Sarah Lynn Fraire

“In the 21st century, careers are no longer narrowly defined by jobs and skills but through experiences and learning agility," Deloitte's 2018 Global Human Capital Trends report highlights. Conventional employment is no longer the preferred or expected way to make a living. Ever since Charles Handy coined the term 'portfolio career', the pursuit of nontraditional career paths, which offer diversity, independence and alignment with personal preferences and interests, has become quite common.

College Confidential recently chatted with Heather Raftery, who epitomizes Handy's idea of the portfolio career, and she shared her experiences, insights and advice. Raftery has figured out how to grow professionally while engaging in a passion of hers: Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

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