Correcting Activities Mistake on Submitted Application

Question: Dear Dean, I've made a massive mistake on my Common Application to Stanford (I applied under Early Action). For one of my activities, I put down a a wildly inaccurate number for the “Hours per Week" and “Weeks per Year" section. Instead of putting down 30 hours for the “Hours per Week" section, I put down 3. A similar typo happened for the other section. Is there anything that can be done about this? Thank you.

Hindsight is often 20-20 and, at this time of year, “The Dean" is always deluged with queries from students who have made errors on their newly-submitted applications and want to know how to amend them. In many cases I suggest doing nothing. I point out that highlighting a missing apostrophe or extra pronoun might even do more harm than good.

But there is a major difference between an activity that you have undertaken for 30 hours a week (that's a big chunk of your time) versus just 3. So, here's what I suggest:

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