Preparing for College

Must We Correct Misreported GPA?

Question: My granddaughter was just accepted to college. However, looking at her application we noticed she messed up her GPA. She submitted 4.2 instead of 4.1. What do we do? We were told that they actually use the official transcript to make a determination.

There are plenty of things to worry about when your grandchildren are teenagers, but this is NOT one of them. :)

Colleges definitely use the official transcript and not the GPA that a student has self-reported. Moreover, your granddaughter's error was a tiny one. She didn’t ratchet herself up to a 4.2 from a 2.8. So it's not going to look like intentional dishonesty.

Don't give this another thought. Congrats to your granddaughter on her college acceptance and on her fine high school record.

(posted 2/22/2012)