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Cool College "App"lications

Long gone are the days like when I was in college. There were no "suites" in the dorms with their own bathrooms back then. In my freshman dorm, there was a common bathroom for the entire floor (yes, that's true!) and it took a little while to become savvy enough to link the sound of flushing toilets with a scalding surge of shower water. As far as personal communications went, there was a single pay phone on the wall right outside the RA's (Resident Adviser's) room, which offered all the privacy of a Manhattan bus stop. Not very conducive for declaring sweet nothings to one's girlfriend.

Of course, that's ancient history. Today's modern college student is equipped with a blinding inventory of technological wizardry. Wireless networks covering almost every square inch of sprawling campuses (or is that "campi"?) enable iPads, tablets, laptops, desktops, and who knows what else to reach out and engage the Internet galaxy. The BIG (note the all caps) and hottest item carried by almost every single student is the smartphone. Today's smartphones contain more (and more reliable) computing power than NASA had at their disposal for the Apollo moon shots back in the Sixties. Thus, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the learning curve for these intriguing devices can be steep.

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