Considerations Around Taking a Sabbatical at Work


While employee engagement represents a major focus for HR managers, only 32 percent of employees in the United States are actively engaged at work. What's even more worrisome is that one in five high performing and engaged employees is also at risk of burnout, as an article in the Harvard Business Review points out. To address burnout and retain high-performing talent, some employers have started offering a sabbatical as an employee perk. A sabbatical is an opportunity to take several weeks or months off to pursue personal and professional experiences with the goal of returning to the employer recharged and refocused. Although traditionally associated with academic institutions, sabbaticals are now offered by 23 percent of US companies. In addition to focusing on restoring your physical and mental health, a sabbatical may be appropriate if you are interested in gaining new skills or knowledge, volunteering, spending more time with family, traveling, or a combination of the above.

Whatever the reasons for taking a sabbatical at work, you may want to consider the following points before committing to the decision.

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