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Conservatives Cause College Consternation

In order to be "fair and balanced" (as Fox News claims to be), I thought I would make note here of some news about right wingers on campus. In fact, this story comes from the Fox News site, itself.

Here's what going on with the college right:

Right-Wing College Group Riles Students on Campuses Nationwide

A student group that bills itself as "America's right wing youth movement" focused on countering radical multiculturism, socialism and mass immigration is causing a stir on a growing number of college campuses across the country.

The conservative political group Youth for Western Civilization is currently organized on at least seven university campuses. According to its Web site, the group hopes to inspire Western youth on the "basis of pride in their American and Western heritage," counter and ultimately defeat "leftism on campus" and create a social movement in which a right-wing subculture is an alternative to what it calls a "poisonous and bigoted" campus climate . . .

. . ."It's got nothing to do with racism, it's got nothing to do with extremism," Tancredo told "It has to do with celebrating the benefits Western civilization has brought to mankind, not the least of which is the concept of law. It's designed to bring attention to the issues, discussions and points of view that aren't readily available in the typical classroom on liberal colleges run by left-wing loonies."

Those pesky conservatives! What should we do with them?

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