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Comparing AP Classes to Advanced (etc.) Classes

Question: I attend North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, and I am wondering how much importance college give to taking AP classes in high school. If my classes are not considered AP courses but are advanced, do colleges take this into consideration? What weights more - AP class or advanced classes? Also, I see more high schools not teaching "AP courses" but teaching advanced courses but students still take the AP exams. Your comments on this?

Admission officials allow high schools to determine which of their classes are the most rigorous. College applications ask the school counselor to indicate whether a student's overall course schedule is "Most Demanding," "Very Demanding," "Demanding," etc. when compared to what is offered at that school. So, in some high schools, the counselor will recognize that an "Advanced" class is just as rigorous (or even MORE rigorous) than an AP class, and will respond accordingly when completing the "School Report."

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