How Can a Commuter Student Loosen Family Ties?

Question: It's nearly December of my senior year in college, and I feel as though my entire college career has been a waste. I haven't made any friends or made any memories that will last a lifetime. I've been discouraged from doing extracurricular activities because my family wants me home for dinner every night after my classes are over, and they've traditionally looked down on clubs and organizations unless they're part of a class. In year four, is it too late to change? Should I just give up or do you have any suggestions for me on how to not waste my last year?

It sounds like you've got two separate but overlapping issues here. It's certainly not too late to spice up your senior year with the collegiate activities and friendships that you've missed so far, but you also have to be looking down the road beyond college. If your family has kept such tight reins on you, what do they expect after graduation? Do they still think you'll be living at home and having dinner with them every night?

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