Hometown Community College Vs. Beachside Community College?


I am having a moral dilemma with my son and we both agreed we would have you be the voice of reason here. His first-choice college is a state university located in a beach town in our state. He doesn't want to apply to any other four-year safety schools and says if he doesn't get into the first-choice school, he'll go to community college and try to transfer into that school later. That's fine with me. The part I don't understand is that he doesn't plan to go to our local community college. He wants to go to the community college located in this same beach town where the four-year school is. I said "why would I pay $750 rent for you to go to community college?" He pointed to about 10 other kids who are doing the same thing (from last year's graduating class). I asked around my neighborhood and sure enough, this is getting pretty common around here. My question is: If he goes to that community college, does he have a better chance of getting into the four-year school later? Otherwise, I see no benefit to this other than him getting to party at the beach.

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