The Common App's "Additional Information" Section

There’s more to filling out the Common Application than just doing the essay, answering the questions, and completing those nasty supplements that seem to be a sadistic add-on by many colleges these days. If you have taken the time to ponder your life, as it relates to “marketing” yourself to colleges, you may have noted some things about yourself that haven’t made their way into the Common App, because there are no prompts concerning those things. Even if you’re applying to a school that doesn’t use the Common App, you can still enhance your overall profile by conjuring some “additional information” that could very well pique the interest of the admissions staff.

The purpose of the Common App’s Additional Information (AI) section is to capture aspects about yourself that aren’t found elsewhere on your application. In the case of a non-Common App application, you may add this additional data on a separate piece of paper or even by an email. However, being the conservative person that I am, I lean more toward a piece of paper mailed to the admissions office rather than sending an electronic missive that may well end up floating, lost forever, in cyberspace. Of course, you could always use the Department of Redundancy Department’s method of sending both, which should assure success.

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