Common Application Supplemental Essays

Many schools that require the Common Application also require “supplemental" essays, which are essays in addition to the one appearing in the Common Application. The reason they require these extra essays, in addition to providing an extra measure of torture, is to (in most cases) dig deeper into who you are and how you think.

Keep in mind that I have always been harping on that phrase “who you are and how you think." That's the chief purpose of college application essays. So, when you check the supplements that your candidate colleges have provided for you, don't get frustrated, get motivated — motivated to show that particular school just what goes on inside your head (if anything).

In today's post, I thought that I would show you some examples of the kinds of supplemental essays that have proven successful for some of the applicants with whom I've worked over the years. I'm on an essay-knowledge binge lately here because some of you may be looking for insights into how to handle the writing requirements for your Common Application schools. So, I thought that seeing some outstanding essay samples would get your creative juices flowing.

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