More on Common Application and Supplemental Essays

I'll continue today with our discussion about approaching the Common Application essay and those pesky supplemental statements that colleges love to include on their Common App supplements. Those of you who have followed my essay-related posts here over the years know that I am a big advocate of using humor in your writing. My oft-cited mantra about that is, “Make an admissions officer smile and you're halfway home."

Accordingly, I would like to present another real-world essay example from my client archives, one that shows a superior example of well-thought-out humor. This essay inspires not only smiles but also reveals a lot about the writer, two very attractive, if not essential, essay ingredients.

The writer, whose work I displayed in my last post, is Dan Buckner. To recap about Dan, he's from a small town in Indiana. He was deferred ED at Yale that year, but his admissions office contact told him that he was a “strong deferral." Back then, Dan was awaiting his April letters not only from Yale but also from Princeton, Stanford, and the University of Chicago. He had already been accepted to the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He ultimately was accepted at and, obviously, enrolled at Yale.

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