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Combined BA/MD Programs

Question: I'm trying to find colleges and universities that are offering combined BA/MD programs, but I can't seem to find any. Can you point me in the right direction?

The Web site below is a good place to start:

It includes many of the current accelerated medical programs, although not all of them. In fact, no resource I’ve encountered is 100 percent complete, so your best bet would be to use more than one. In addition to this site you might also want to order one of these books:

The High School Doctor: The Underground Roadmap to 6, 7,

and 8 Year Accelerated/Combined Medical Programs (BA/MD) in

the United States by Nagendra Sai, Md Koneru, et al;


From High School to Med. School : The definitive guide to

accelerated medical programs by Ashish Raju, Jason Yanofski;

I have the first of the two and I find it helpful to the extent that it lists many programs and describes their admission standards. The information about the colleges themselves and the program in particular is a bit sparse, but at least you'll get a good starting point for further investigation.

Speaking of admission standards, you need to understand that admission to accelerated and/or combined medical programs is extremely competitive. (I say “accelerated and/or combined” because some institutions offer admission to both undergrad and medical school via one application but their 8-year program is not really accelerated; other colleges compress the undergrad/med studies into 7 or even 6 years and are thus truly accelerated.) Note that even colleges that ordinarily have only so-so admission standards for their other academic areas will raise the bar to the moon when it comes to the combined med offerings, and typically only Ivy League-caliber applicants will be accepted.

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