Columbia Re-Application for International Student?

Question: I was wait listed this year and am planning to apply for ED in October. I'll no longer be in high school then but I am planning to retake my A-level exams (considering i follow the Cambridge International Examination system) in October. I've also changed my mind about which field I want to apply to which is why I won't be accepting the admissions offers I did receive. Considering that this means I'll now be applying to Columbia instead of Columbia Engineering how greatly will the timing of my application affect my chances?

I have a 1550 SAT 1 and 770 SAT 2s. As an international candidate I do feel that my inability to properly understand the nuances of the admissions process and my somewhat mediocre essay were what affected me most the first time round. My academic performance too was not as brilliant as I would have liked but I am taking steps to alter that before reapplying. Unfortunately my A-level results won't be out till December. Should I reapply? Or should I cut my losses and try somewhere else?

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