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It's not too late! If you are a high school senior who hasn't yet enrolled in a college (for whatever reason), there's still time, believe it or not. Yes, May 1 is the traditional deadline for enrollment deposits for the vast majority of colleges and universities in America, but you would be surprised just how many schools still have openings and would welcome both your interest and money.

Don't think that all these so-called "space-available" schools are ones you've never heard of. How about the University of Florida or the University of Arizona? There are others, too. So, where can you find out which schools are still open for students this fall?

The National Association of College Admissions Counselors (NACAC)has just released its annual Space Availability Survey Results for 2010. Here, quoted from the survey's introduction, is how it can help you:

Openings for Qualified Students

Search by state for openings at NACAC-member colleges and universities. Then click on the "Contact Info" link if you would like more information from the college/university about how to apply. For more information on the results of the survey, visit NACAC's Press Room and read the survey fact sheet.

Many colleges are added to the list after the initial May 4th deadline, so be sure the check back.

Colleges and Universities: Participation in the survey is limited to NACAC-member Principal Representatives. If you would like to add your college to the listing or update your current listing, please click on the link below. You will be prompted to log-in to the site.

Just a few sample listings:

Albright CollegePALimitedYesPrivate1,000-4,999YesLimitedContact Info
Alfred UniversityNYLimitedLimitedPrivate1,000-4,999LimitedLimitedContact Info
Alvernia UniversityPAYesYesPrivate1,000-4,999YesYesContact Info
Alverno CollegeWIYesYesPrivate1,000-4,999YesYesContact Info
Anderson UniversitySCYesYesPrivate1,000-4,999YesYesContact Info
Angelo State UniversityTXYesYesPublic5,000-9,999YesYesContact Info
Arcadia UniversityPALimitedLimitedPrivate1,000-4,999YesYesContact Info
Armstrong Atlantic State UniversiyGAYesYesPublic5,000-9,999YesYesContact Info
Ashland UniversityOHYesYesPrivate5,000-9,999YesYesContact Info
Atlanta Christian CollegeGAYesYesPrivate1-1,000YesLimitedContact Info

And, as noted above, some of the more prominent schools:

University of ArizonaAZYesYesPublic20,000+YesLimitedContact Info
University of ArkansasARYesYesPublic15,000-19,999LimitedYesContact Info
University of FloridaFLNoLimitedPublic20,000+LimitedLimitedContact Info
University of HartfordCTYesYesPrivate1,000-4,999LimitedYesContact Info
University of IdahoIDYesYesPublic10,000-14,999LimitedYesContact Info
University of IowaIANoLimitedPublic20,000+LimitedLimitedContact Info
University of Maine at Fort KentMEYesYesPublic1,000-4,999YesYesContact Info
University of Massachusetts LowellMAYesYesPublic5,000-9,999YesYesContact Info

That's just a sampling of what you can find here. For more insights and comments, check out this thread on the College Confidential discussion forum. Happy hunting!


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