Colleges with Men's Cheerleading for Student with 2.2 GPA and no Foreign Language

Question: Is there a college I could go to with a 2.2 GPA and no foreign language, but I can do a sport such as men's cheerleading?

When you say "No foreign language," I don't know if you mean that you won't be required to take language while you're there or if you mean one that will admit you without any foreign language on your high school transcript. I am going to assume the latter, but let me know if I'm wrong.

Down below is a list of colleges that allegedly do not require a foreign language for admission. Note, however, that you should double-check this information, should you decide to apply to any schools on this list. It may not be fully accurate or up-to-date. (I already caught--and deleted--a couple names that I spotted on this list and knew shouldn't be there, but I don't have time to check them all.)

In addition, I'm sure there are other colleges that didn't make the list but that will also look the other way when it comes to admitting students who haven't met the language requirement. With a 2.2 GPA, you will be applying to mostly Less Selective colleges. Many of these are the schools that are apt to be flexible about waiving a language requirement. If you didn't take foreign language due to a documented learning disability, then be sure to say so, since this will help admission folks to overlook your language deficiency.

In order to find colleges that will welcome students with a 2.2 GPA and which offer cheerleading for men, use the College Board "MatchMaker" at

Complete the questionnaire by selecting all your preferences for size, location, major, etc. Under "Sports & Activities," click on "Cheerleading" under the "Men" heading. (You can also select a level such as Div. 1, Div. 2, etc. although I think you'd be wise not to narrow down your options so much.)

Then, under "Admissions," enter your SAT and/or ACT scores and also click on the bubble that says, "Over 50% had GPA between 2.0 and 3.0" under "High School Grade Point Average (GPA)."

Next, hit "Results" and see what your choices are. If you don't get any results at all ... or if your Results list is too short ... go back into the questionnaire and try broadening some of your selections (e.g., for location, size, etc.)

Finally, compare your Results roster with the list of colleges below to see if there are any matches. If so, then follow up to make sure that this list of colleges without language requirements is accurate.

If you find a college--or many--that you really like but where there does seem to be a language requirement, don't hesitate to contact admission officials to see if the requirement is flexible.



Alfred University (NY)

Bradley University

Carlow University (PA)

Castleton State College (VT)

Central Missouri State University

Culver-Stockton College

Daemen College (NY)

Delaware Valley College (PA)

Drake University

Drury University (recommended but not required)

Eastern Illinois University

Franklin Pierce College (PA)

Harris Stow College (recommended but not required)

Hobart/William Smith (NY)

Illinois State University

Indiana University

Johnson & Wales University (RI)

Kansas State University

Keene State College (NH)

Lincoln University (PA)

Lindenwood University (recommended but not required)

Manhattanville College (NY)

Murray State University

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Northeastern Illinois University

Northern Illinois University

Northern Michigan University

Northwest Missouri State University

NY Institute of Technology

Penn College of Technology (PA)

Pierce College (PA)

Pittsburg State University (KS)

Pratt Institute (NY)

Richard Stockton College (NJ)

Roger Williams College (RI)

Rowan University (NJ)

Southeast Missouri State University

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville

Southwest Missouri State University

St. Louis University

SUNY Cobleskill (NY)

University Missouri Baptist (recommended but not required)

University Missouri Southern University

University of Bridgeport (CT)

University of Kansas - Lawrence (recommended but not required)

University of New Haven (CT)

University of the Sciences, Philadelphia (PA)

Walsh University (OH)

Wasburn University of Topeka

Wentworth Institute of Technology (MA)

Western Illinois University

Wichita State University

Wilkes University (PA)

William Patterson University (NJ)

Wilmington College (DE)