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How do Colleges View New SAT Writing Section?

Question: Do you know how the Ivy League schools are assessing the new SAT? (I understand there's some ambivalence as to what to do about the writing section.) Personally, I was wondering if a 2290 (800 Writing, 800 Critical Reading, 690 Math) would translate into a 1520 through proportions in Ivy League eyes, or will they just count it as a 1490 combined with a Writing SAT 2 score of 800?

You're right. While we don't have sufficient objective data to confirm this, most college admission officals appear to be approaching the new SAT writing section with a "Jury's Still Out" mindset. That is, they're not ignoring the scores but they're also not giving them the same weight that they accord to the Critical Reading and Math sections. What we've been telling new-SAT takers is this: If you do well on the writing test (as you did), it will work in your favor, but if your scores aren't all that hot, don't lose too much sleep over it.

So we think it's fair to say that most admission folks--Ivy staff included--will consider your SATs as a 1490+. The fact that you show such excellence and consistency in verbal areas will be noticed.