How Do Colleges View B's and Evaluate "Work Ethic"?

Question: I'm a high school freshman. My first quarter just finished and I have more concerns than I'd like to admit. I was very stressed from the transition and had some anxiety attacks during my tests, which brought my grade down. The majority of my grades are Bs and the rest are As, will this get me from getting into college? Many people have been telling me that grades are important but not the most important and college will look at you're work ethic too. However, I'm confused on how they look at that too. My questions are will Bs keep me from getting into college, are Bs bad grades, and how do college check your work ethic

Freshman year can be stressful, and there are also many students whose test anxiety begins then but plagues them beyond 9th grade through all of high school. But—unlike in most foreign countries—almost every US resident who wants to attend college will be admitted somewhere. And students who have more B's than A's will find that the welcome mat is rolled out for them at the vast majority of colleges and universities.

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