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Do Colleges See ALL SAT scores?

Question: I took the May 1 SAT and don't think I did very well. I am just a sophomore now and would like to know if colleges can access all of a student's past SAT scores even if the student didn't mail his scores to that college? I don't want to show a low score to my top college choices. If I don't mail score reports to them, will they be able to check the records for all my scores?

If your May 1 SAT scores don't turn out well, and you take the test again as a junior and senior (which you probably will), and your scores go up (which is likely) then colleges won't pay very much attention to your sophomore scores. Moreover, since your class will be the first to take the new, revised SAT, if your soph scores aren't up to your usual standards, that's all the more reason for colleges to disregard them.

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